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god versus no god (Letter to Churches)

Now this post would, most likely place a toad, toadally in a dog-house, however ask me ifinn i really care!


Here i sit at Starbucks creating what i call poetry of my own kind, sitting at the window seat,

one of my favorite places in this whole damned city…  Where our family has lived for five generations in the province and four generations in the city…


Now and then an advocate of god almighty himself, would place himself beside me, whom would bringing out either those stupid beads or the book itself….


Now i’m not all that against this organisation only that they have set back the human-race thousands of years, bring possible the end to mankind upon this blue rock called Earth…


All in the name of god!


Always calling it hearsay….


Anyway, well today, a younger man of faith has sat beside me, whom didn’t last all that long, just a few kind chosen words and he was gone…


Now ifinn the church really wanted to begin repairing, their largest mistake of any given group, let humanity an or society have full access to Vatican City, and all written material in original manuscript.


An for myself, how about, all those you have burned in the name of god….


As i have been ninety-six times….

chris jensen   (toad)

god versus no god