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Blue Heron and show business!

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The toad was reading Jim Patterson Paper last-night, came across an article relating to those Blue Heronings Nest by Stanley Park. The toad (chris jensen) as lived in the city of Vancouver BC Canada all is life part of a fifth generation family of British Columbia.

i could remember the times as a young boy being able to ride the bus down to Stanley Park because it only was one bus there and back, so often friends of the neighbourhood and i would travel down to the Pack for the day, to run around in the park trails….

Back then i don’t remember the blue heron’s nesting in the park, however birds were not big on a child’s mind…

Now the city of Vancouver along with the cooperation of the Parks Board have set up a camera, so that all can enjoy the nesting of the Blue Herons Nesting in Vancouver Stanley Park…

Anyway go for…

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