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Only a toad knows….

Now this really not how a blog should be written, tasted note here and a couple of words there, sorry to all my readers…


However, here is a little something to stick your teeth into, now as a toad goes about the day just like any other day, only by now if you should know a toad, has lost just about everything important.


Like one bike and trailer!


One telephone!


His useless mind by spending a night in the nut house!


Anyway while in the hospital you wonder what they are up too, when they stick needles into your arms then have a shocking experience….  lol


Funny when you know it’s coming it all seems worse…


However it may have been a dream, but something tell me that there was more, as to those that a toad was meeting, never did get through the door…


What a toad doesn’t understand is why did they quit, i mean they had him strapped to a bed

filling him with all kinds of drugs none which got you high…


Which really was weird because all i thought was to filter the chemicals from my system, seem easy enough to do, whether it worked only the big guy upstairs would know.


Just another day in toad’s life….
Easy peasy! i would say!