Discarded Art;

Discarded Art;

As a toad moves about the alley’s digging in dumpsters always looking for those lost treasures,

one never knows, what one will find.  Some days back toad did come across a sketch book, where a creative soul, spent many of hours, hopefully enjoyment in creating these thrown away treasures.


So a toad had thought that he would capture them in time, for your enjoyment also, so please to enjoy the love and time that one soul spent in creating these images….

IMG_20141212_141049 IMG_20141212_141033 IMG_20141212_141020 IMG_20141212_141009 IMG_20141212_141004 IMG_20141212_141000 IMG_20141212_140954 IMG_20141212_140946 IMG_20141212_140916 IMG_20141212_140906 IMG_20141212_140845 IMG_20141212_140824 IMG_20141212_140817 IMG_20141212_140803 IMG_20141212_140742 IMG_20141212_140737 IMG_20141212_140728 IMG_20141212_140717 IMG_20141212_140706 IMG_20141212_140700 IMG_20141212_140653 IMG_20141212_140646 IMG_20141212_140629 IMG_20141212_140622 IMG_20141212_140612 IMG_20141212_140602 IMG_20141212_140554 IMG_20141212_140543
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Happy Birthday Little Sister….

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Little Sister….

As bothers go

i’ve tried

remembering birthdays

like most people know.


When it comes


this simples task’s

within this smile

i have failed…


However, in my

honest felt feelings

she has always known.

So in keeping

behind this little poem.


i always will,

love my dear sisters,

truly and honest

we have differences

that is without a doubt.


So i wish,

a happy birthday,

to my youngest sister!

Deep down from the bottom

of my heart,

sealing it with

sweet loving kiss…

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Guest Post, thoughts from a toad;

Thoughts from a toad;

For sometime now a toad has been bouncing an idea around his head.  Within all the empty space, a thought took it’s lazy time into a decision.


Now i would like to offer student’s in making post’s on thisoldtoad.wordpress.com, now the flavor would have to be along the same to what a toad has been posting, mixed in with your own view or outlook on humanity or for myself for that matter….


You would need to be living in the greater Vancouver BC Canada, so that we can meet with the necessary people so that nobody gets hurt…


Personally i really don’t see it happening, i’ve tried to give away rebuilt BMX’s to kids in need,

stopped mostly by thieves, however people treating me and those of use on the street, like we have the plague….


If interested please contact toad @ crjen@live.com or by phone 1 604 716 7341

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Message to Hackers…..

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Hackers Message

Message to Hackers…..

Warning to those

i mean on the net

knowing whom

i do not propose

however i’ll say don’t,

i mean don’t

attack a friend

within my loving family.


There is enough ugliness

with my demented soul

just a little

more inflicted,

would make it all

fulfilling giving completeness.


Many have sacrificed,

in creating

and teaching this friend,

please take the time

to learn then

judge by your attack

i’ll await…..

ifinn you don’t know whom

you be a baby hacker

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In time long past;

There was a women that a toad had met in McDonald’s, we share some time with each other

she is long since gone, but the memory stays alive in my mind.  i do wonder how her sister is doing?  Anyway Karen Mohagan lived twenty years after have a stroke, if find that so amazing because i don’t believe i could have the strength to live in that condition happily, she was truthfully happy until the end…


A piece of Karen will live with me, for all times..


christmas light photo was here first post, she found so much joy in reading those of use she knew close by, you are always missed…

christmas lights-1
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Back Alley Romance….


Romance toadly

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Back Alley Romance….

Love the sweetness

of a young couple

within their completeness

in the loving warmth

of their arms,

may their erotic screams

be fulfilled within

a wish of loving dreams.

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This poem was created because a toad was wandering down a back alley in the industrial part of the city, when up ahead the toad seen some flickering lights as he got closer a dashing young man was lighting candles to surprise his girl friend…


Now if that is not romance toadly….

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